Saturday, 15 February 2014


a snowflake

free of even the slightest breeze

will still not fall straight

toward a definition of beauty, by michael tweed


  1. You leave me in the awkward position of having no appropriate words. Again! Is this the same snow that figures in Trilogy 2: Waiting?

  2. i remembered the music at the end. You've used it before. i loved it then and love it now.

    Also the stationary camera works very well. Some lunatics, such as myself and jlg, aspire to have the motion be provided solely by the kinetics of the scene, as opposed to having the camera gyrate and perform drossy circus tricks.)

    i am so glad that you are posting films again.

    (ah, i see that this was done in 2010--no wonder i remembered the music!) But four years (to the undying) is a mere trifle, like a single pulse of a butterfly's wings.

  3. i'm entranced and it feels i am entranced not with but beyond answers. no questions exist any more. stunning.

    why is it that while the movement is downward, i feel as though i am rising?